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Openergy is a start-up specialized in energy analysis of buildings in operation.

Our raw material: energy data

Our tools: data mining + dynamic simulation

Our outcome: building efficiency performance

//    Our offer    //

Openergy is developing an innovative platform for building monitoring, that combines data-mining and energy simulation.

We are also able to support our clients throughout the whole value chain of energy data.

1. Collect and manage data

Collection (integration and/or communication with existing equipements)
Data cleaning
Dedicated energy database ( >500k data/day)
Data access via webservice (API)

2. Analysis and Simulation

Analysis algortihms inspired by data analytics methods used in the web and finance fields
Energy simulation calibrated on real data
Modeling of renewables self-consumption in the buildings
Distributed calculation in the cloud

3. Synthesizing information

Targets/results comparison
Optimization of energy performance strategies
Data-driven decision making
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//    Team    //

At Openergy, we believe that the next revolution in Energy Efficiency will emerge from combining the scalability of Big Data and the power of Energy Simulation.

Geoffroy d'Estaintot

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Geoffroy d’Estaintot is graduated of Ecole Centrale Paris, with a specialisation in Energy and Entrepeneurship .

After founding an engineering consultancy firm specialised in hydrogen energy just after graduation, he worked from 2009 to 2012 at the Research and Innovation department of ENGIE in the energy efficiency of buildings sector.

Within Openergy, Geoffroy especially focuses on computational aspects, data management and energy modelling of buildings.

Riad Ziour

Graduated of France's Ecole Polytechnique, Riad also has a Master of Science in physics from Columbia (New York) and received a PhD in theoretical physics from Université Paris 7 in 2009.

From 2009 to 2012, Riad worked at the Research and Innovation department of ENGIE, in France and Belgium. He was in charge of R&D projects dedicated to Solar PV and energy efficiency of buildings.

Within Openergy, Riad focuses on energy data collection, metrology as well as the development of physical analysis methods.

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